POUTY WORLD 以角色品牌关注人与人的关系,人与世界的关系。

POUTY WORLD is a character brand of lifestyle, Created by multi-media artist, Cowper Wang. He uses painting and new media as main artistic means to do his creations, and POUTY WORLD become his new platform to provide the unique style and creativities for the collaboration partners.

现在是颜值决定一切的世代。你学会装可爱了吗? POUTY WORLD里的每一个角色都有一张噘嘴的厚唇,反映现代生活冲突下的自恋与幽默哲学。相信每个自我的想像世界,无论是怪诞、奇幻,或是单纯、幼稚,都有属于各自的魅力等待发掘与了解。

POUTY WORLD is a character brand of Life Style. With the graphic of our unique face feature of design, POUTY WORLD create a fantastic style to link with audience of the online generation and Narcissism.
Strange things 
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