Solo Exhibition : Sentences
Artist: Wang Tsung Hsin
Curator:Wang Tsung Hsin、DELICATE
“In Praise of Shadows” is the title of one of Mr. Tanizaki Jun'ichirō’s books, which means “With reverence praise the dark”. Western describe the light as the advancement, all of those beautiful things are related with the light, but Mr.Tanizaki Jun'ichirō let us see the beauty in the dark where is the most interesting point of this book.
This kind of oriental aesthetic is coincided with my paintings and what the shop “DELICATE” chases for, and therefore resulted in this exhibition.

The Analects of Confucius said: At thirty, I established my stand. At forty, I had no delusions. At the age of 36 now, I recorded the progress from my 30 years old towards to 40 years old through paintings.
Appreciated the beauty of things and observed the questions of life from the darkness, to find answers by murmur of daily life
Venue "DELICATE" is a home decorations shop which sells oriental antiques. In order to let the artworks fit in the space, I found these papers handmade by old technics from Puli of Taiwan, mixed with different materials such as petals, linen, bamboo, barks etc...into papers to create distinct textures, Each paper responds to the content of the painting.

Used the oriental technic to mount paintings by digging out the surface of papers to let paintings embed in papers, and pasted four layers of paper behind for sustaining the back, therefore the surface of papers are perfectly flat.
In addition to the mounting skill, setting the position of paintings on papers a bit higher for lifting up the focus of the painting also differs from the western style which are used to setting paintings in the center of papers.
All of which are the unique features of oriental art. Finally, hanged paintings on crossbeams of the shop to let them integrate into the space.

王宗欣 - 個展 : 道句

陰翳.禮讚 這是日本 谷崎潤一郎 先生(Tanizaki Jun‘ichirō) 的書名, 字面上的解釋是「用崇敬的心讚揚陰暗」 這本書最有趣的論點,西方人把光明比喻成進步,一切美好都與光明有關,而谷崎潤一郎卻讓我們在陰影中看到美感。
中國人說三十而立 四十不惑 36歲的我透過繪畫來記錄自己跨過而立之年邁向不惑之年的過程
從幽暗中欣賞事物的美,觀看人生的問題 從生活的呢喃牢騷中找到解答。
展覽場地 古道具是一個販售東方二手古物的家飾店 為了讓作品可以融入這個空間,我先在台灣埔里的紙寮找到了古老工藝製成的手抄紙,每張質地都不相同的手抄紙混入花瓣、麻、竹子、樹皮…等等不同的素材,選出的每張手抄紙都呼應了畫作的內容。
Blew Johnny's brain out
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
A bowling player wore a floral maxi skirt is suspended
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
戴黑色框 泡黑色湯 的女人
A woman wore black glasses takes a black hot spring bath
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
道 句
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
A woman is obsessed with teeth
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
A woman who checked in in the lavatory
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
Trust Gaming
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
Be banged on the wall by oneself
Rice paper , ink , watercolor , 35cmx25cm
A track and field team don't afraid of pain with their high heels
Oil on canvas 91cm x 72.8c
A girl's eyelash exceed out of her glasses
Oil on canvas 91cm x 72.8cm
Wood , watercolor , 10cmx15cm 
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